Monday, February 4, 2013

Starting Over...Again

Tonight, I’ll step out and start trying to learn, not only to skate, but the game of roller derby.


For the third time in five months.

Those who’ve kept up know the whys and for those who don’t I’ll just summarize. Over the past five months, I’ve had fitful starts in the derby world, being hindered first by broken ribs at my first practice, a rough run of sinus and flu gunk around Christmas time, and most recently a three week respite due to having a car in the shop. The last was particularly frustrating as I remember thinking to myself that I was just starting to hit a stride and had been consistent in making it to practice.

Well, we got our van back this past Friday night and, with that, I’m back to derby.


And the thing of it is, this is a good thing. My body clearly needs the exercise as anyone who’s seen me knows the idea of simply pushing myself out there and doing something unfamiliar is good for me. I’ve gotta keep pushing myself or I’m gonna get complacent.

At least that’s what I keep telling myself.

But in the back of my mind is the simple appreciation I had for the past three weeks. Part of it is simply due to the fact that, with our family carpooling, it also limited some of my other responsibilities, namely my second job. So, with no car meant limited time heading down there as well as no derby practice for me so we could balance our lives out. Which ultimately meant more time spent at home with my family.

Which I really love.

And which is also the reason that I joined derby in the first place.

I want to make them proud, my son especially, so Dad’ll be out there once again, trying to stay upright, trying to learn to stop, let alone speed up again. I am praying that ProseHack takes it somewhat easy on me this evening, allowing me to sort of get my wheels back under me a bit, so to speak, since it feels like a long while since I’ve skated but I expect to get back to things full throttle very soon.

I really hope there's truth in this statement!
And I am looking forward to trying to catch up to my fellow rookies, Trouble and Wil-Power who’ve no doubt jumped leaps and bounds ahead of where I even think I was. Hell, they’re probably gonna end up on the roster for this weekend’s bout while this lone rookie’s gonna be working the merch table again and taking notes for the newsletter.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. (I really am happy to help in whatever way that I can; goofy as it is, I look up to these skaters who are so far ahead of me on the learning curve and I really respect what they do on the floor, so any chance to help them excel is welcomed.)

So, once again, I’ll be heading out to Astro Skate as a rookie, feeling like it’s the first time again, knees knocking and fear in my eyes. Hopefully, the skills will come back quickly and I’ll bounce back strong. And Lord willing we won’t have any more hiccups that will keep me out for any more prolonged periods of time.

One more of those and I’m not sure I could ignore what the Fates might be telling me.

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