Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Working While I Wait

I haven’t flown a whole lot in my life but I’m guessing that getting stuck in a holding pattern, soaring in the clouds in circles as you wait for a place to land, is just a little bit frustrating.

In some ways, that’s what I feel like my so-called derby career, short-lived as it has been thus far, has played out to be. A glorified holding pattern.

From broken ribs right at the outset to a nasty bout of the flu during the holidays to now encountering delays of a most pedestrian display, car trouble, and I’ve almost begun to question the bones to see if this derby adventure is meant to continue. In fact, as my wife and I joked late last week, that very thought crossed our minds.

“Maybe you’re not supposed to do this, with all of the trouble we’ve had with this,” she shared, laughing.

And while the reading from the soothsayer’s runes has yet to prove inconclusive, I’m doing my best to stay focused during the downtime. Part of that focus comes with a new writing gig I’ve scored, helping to work on newsletters for the Bombers as well as the Hit Men. I guess that while I wait, wait, wait to get back on skates and get back to learn fundamentals, it’ll be one way for me to stay involved and to help the teams out. At least that’s my plan.

And please trust me; I’m not sharing that info to brag or say, “Look at what a great writer I am!” Granted, I'm very flattered to be asked to help but the reason I share here is to offer the simple fact that while I’m excited about the prospect of being involved with it, I’m also a little intimidated by it as well. Most notably, the idea of writing bout recaps.

“Why?” you ask.

Well, let me tell you. The reason is multiple. One reason is simply that I’m oftentimes an insecure worrywart who just can’t acknowledge that he’s capable of some things. Another is that I’m still a newbie to derby; sure, Coupon Clip-Her’s been rocking it for a year and a half but my greater involvement’s been for only a few months. And there are some really good writers out there covering the sport. Sometimes I feel a bit inadequate to the task.

Yet, like I said, I’m also excited. Derby is an exciting sport and is one that deserves more and more publicity. As the sport pushes ahead, perhaps I can be a part, even if in some small way, of helping to showcase what makes it great through sharing with people about the great athleticism, fierce competition, and great men and women playing the game.

I've got a ton to learn, sure, but I'm stoked about the prospects of these opportunities. And I'm secretly hoping for more. :)

And while I fidget and fight with getting this stuff written, it probably wouldn’t hurt me to get some exercise in while I wait. I’m pretty sure ProseHack’s gonna have plenty of work for me once I get back on skates…

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