Monday, January 7, 2013

Small Goals for the New Year

I’ve never been one for New Year’s resolutions and I’m really not going to start now. Yet, as this New Year presses on, I’m somewhat inclined to at least consider the possibility of setting a few small goals, things that will help me to see a sense of progress throughout my life and varied interests.

Part of the reason for that is that, in many ways, 2013 finds me feeling as though I’m at the start of so many things and lacking the perspective of time and accomplishment. Derby’s a great example of this as I’m clearly at the bottom of the barrel skills-wise and more. Unlike more seasoned skaters, I don’t have the luxury of saying that I simply want to improve my “apex jumps;” rather, I’ve got to learn to skate, and then jump, and then get going fast enough to even attempt such a thing.

It’s an uphill battle for sure.

So, before 2013 really starts to get its feet under it, here are a few small goals I’ve got to get things going:

1.)    Increase my confidence on skates. This was originally going to be “continue learning to skate” but that’s pretty vague, right? This isn’t much better but as I continue to go to practice and spend some time on wheels, the confidence ought to improve.
2.)    Make it to practice. Kind of a goal that kills two birds with one stone. Making it to practice consistently (barring any more injuries or stupid flu bugs) should provide me the confidence I desire on skates. It’s a win-win.
3.)    Master the snowplow. I feel a little sheepish putting this on here, particularly given that my kids, let alone all the accomplished skaters I see every practice, consider the “snowplow” the most elementary of skills. Yet, for whatever reason, that skill eludes me. For now…
4.)    Knock somebody down. Yeah, I know it’s kind of soon, especially given that I’m still working on the skating part, let alone doing anything worthwhile while on skates, but I really am looking forward to that point when I (legally, of course) have the opportunity and the wherewithal to bump somebody to the ground. It’s a long way off but it just sounds right.
5.)    Initiate some sort of fitness routine. Walking, running, biking, p90X, Insanity. Something. Even if it’s something as simple as a couple mile walk every morning, I gotta get up and get moving more.
6.)    Keep writing and see this little blog exceed 100 Facebook likes. Granted, this blog serves as something of a vanity project as well as a point of accountability but it also has done wonders for helping me to recover my writing discipline, something that’s not easy to do for a husband and father of two. But now that it’s there, I want to keep writing and hopefully provide some touches of inspiration or, at the very least, humor to some lives along the way. And 100 Facebook likes isn’t that much to ask, is it?

I’m sure that if I were to really sit and ponder these things, I’d easily conceive of more in-depth and poignant goals to consider but we’ve gotta start somewhere. Forever in my heart and mind are goals like being a better husband, father, and friend; these are but some simple challenges that I hope to accomplish while doing bigger and better things.

And I’m curious; did you make any New Year’s resolutions/goals this year? What are they?

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