Thursday, January 17, 2013

Rolling with the Punches

Sometimes life just gets in the way.

After a good round of practices last week, making small but forward progress, at least in my mind, life decided to step in and give me a swift kick in the pants.

See, here’s what happened. Just a week or two ago, in the early evening, my phone rang with a rather unique call from my wife.

“We just hit a boar!” she exclaimed, not taking time for the niceties of things like saying, “Hello.”

“What?” was my obvious response.

“We hit a boar!” she tried again.

And here’s what occurred. While returning from taking a family friend’s daughter home from a sleepover with our little one, the lovely Coupon Clip-Her found herself driving down a dark country road. She was driving safely but at a good clip when, out of nowhere, a boar ran out and clipped her minivan. She pulled to a stop after yelling hysterically and returned to the scene of impact to make sure she hadn’t hit a dog or something.

And saw that she had hit a boar.

Well, apparently, it was a pretty damn BIG boar because it cracked her bumper and left scraps of itself here there and everywhere. Even the back window was sprayed with gore, leaving me to wonder at what sort of nocturnal activities my wife was really up to.

But I digress.

Fast forward a few weeks and our appointment for getting her van into the shop to get fixed has arrived. Never mind the fact that it came after enjoying a wicked fun coed bout over the weekend, getting this rookie pumped and a little scared at what loomed for him in the future. The climb continues to look to be more and more uphill but I’m game to try.

But then, with our van in the shop, we’re a carpooling family. And while it’s kind of nice to be together, well, it’s a little inconvenient too. Especially when you’re a roller derby family. And even more so a roller derby family with young kids.

So, for this week, my roller derby dreams have been set aside in deference to my wife’s practices. And that’s okay; she’s farther along on her journey and is in the midst of prepping for a bout coming this weekend as it is.

The funny thing is, I’m okay with it. No, it’s not that I’m contemplating bailing out on the derby deal or anything like that. Rather, the past several weeks have seen me coming to the realization that balance is the key, no pun intended. Yes, balance on my skates is kind of important if I have any desire to keep going with this deal but balancing out my life is even more important. And as a family immersed in the sport, it becomes even more important.

I guess I’m just learning to roll with the punches, whether or not it’s a few broken ribs, a dose of the flu, or a week as a one-car family.

So tonight while my wife’s out honing her skills in the frigid Florida cold (and it’s gonna be cold) I’ll be working with the kiddos on their homework, making sure they bathe and brush their teeth, and get to bed at a decent hour. Because, before long, if I do improve someday, she’ll be there doing the same for me. Plus, derby or no derby, my family is with me for the long haul and sometimes you’ve gotta just hunker down and make it work.

It’s not a glamorous life being a dad and husband, let alone a wannabe roller derby star, and a carpooling one at that this week, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I’ll roll back into the training world next Monday, celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr. Day with T-stops and snowplows and trying to take a few steps closer to joining the bigs.

Hopefully the van’ll be fixed by then…(fingers crossed!)

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