Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hearing Derby Everywhere: A Derby Soundtrack of Sorts

I thought I’d change gears today, just a little bit, and showcase one of my main loves, music.  Now don’t worry, I’m not going to play anything nor sing. 

I do want you to come back again.
Rather, I’d like to share with you a few songs that both inspire me, make me smile, and make me think of various aspects of this wild ride we call roller derby.  The songs don't all officially relate to the sport, in fact, none of them really do.

But some of these thoughts are based on my past year’s experience as a derby widow, some on my recent experience learning (or recuperating), and the last bit as I look toward the future on the track.  It's just kind of interesting how, everywhere I look, there is derby.

Either way, here’s a touch of my roller derby soundtrack.

Track #1: "Welcome to the Jungle" - Guns 'n Roses

Let's be honest, few tracks manage to incite or capture the same feeling as this great, anarchic track.  Filled with rage, passion, and youthful angst, it's the perfect soundtrack for any bout.

Track #2: "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" - Pat Benatar

There's something about this sport of derby that causes us all to want to take the opponent's best shot.  Shoot, I can't even skate yet and I've already set up a hip-check duel with one of the best women players on the floor.  All of us want to take that best shot and show that we can survive it.

Track #3: "Tubthumping" - Chumbawamba

For a rookie like myself, this is almost a mantra that comes into play every time my skates touch the floor.  Yes, I get knocked down (or knock myself down) but you better be damn sure I'm getting back up again!  (And by the way, I apologize for your being stuck with this track in your head for the rest of the day.)

Track #4: "Hurt" by Johnny Cash

Okay, so this is sort of tongue-in-cheek but, well, I did hurt myself but certainly not to see if I could feel.  Because I could feel plenty and it HURT!

Track #5: "Numb" - Linkin Park

Have you ever hit that point when you're exercising, in this case, skating, skating, and skating, and your limbs just go numb?  There's no pain, no sensation, just movement?  And deep down, you know that tomorrow that's definitely not going to be the case?

Track # 6: "It's My Life" - Bon Jovi

Now I'm a person of faith and am not so callous nor cocky enough to assert that this life is all about me.  However, I do believe that within the construct of life that God has placed before us, we're allowed to make choices and those choices help to determine both who we are and the quality of adventure we have.  For me, roller derby is one of those choices and thus far it's been quite an adventure despite the rough start and the doubting Thomas waiting for me to quit.  It's my life and I'm gonna rock this deal.

Track #7: "Boom" - POD

Much like "Welcome to the Jungle," this songs begs to be added the official roller derby canon.  Fueled with plenty of energy and a highlight-reel ready chorus, this is the sound I hear in my head every time when I think about slamming bodies out there on the floor.

Track #8: "Uprising" - Muse

Epic, sweeping, and soaring; it's the perfect get-hyped type track for a huge bout.  It's the type of song that makes you want to move and, on the floor, that's just what you've got to do.

Track #9: "Baby Did a Bad, Bad Thing" - Chris Isaak

Just a little shout out to all those young ladies, much like our friend Pinky Bruised-Her, who have a knack for finding their way to the penalty box.  This one's for you, ladies.  Pretty sure I'll net my own fair share of time in there myself.

Track #10: "I Won't Give Up" - Jason Mraz

The title of this one says it all.  I've already been tempted and know that I will again.  But I refuse to let those voices of doubt, those people that scoff, and this body that creaks tell me what to do.  I've set my mind and heart on this and I will make it happen.  I won't give up.

Kind of amazing that you can find derby just about every place you look, huh?  And for those not digging this post, don't worry; I've got practice tonight and will no doubt have some more, shall we say, substantial content (alongside some sore muscles, no doubt) for tomorrow. 

Let's just hope it's not another broken bone story...

(In the meantime, please don't forget to stop by the Rescue Project Rainbow and help us help them provide an outstanding Christmas for families in need.  They need all the help they can get, donations big, little, or in between, and I'm challenging the derby community to step up and meet that need.  And please share the links with all your friends; let's make this the best Christmas ever for these families!)


  1. I love Johnny Cash's rendition of "Hurt". even if he took it from Nine Inch Nails.

    1. I agree! But that was the beauty of his American Recordings, as they called them; he basically sat down and recorded what he wanted the way he wanted. Hmmm, seems like there's something "derby" to that mindset as well...

      Plus, if I remember correctly, after hearing Cash's cover, Trent Reznor essentially said, "It's his song now..."