Monday, November 19, 2012

A Night at the Prom

Y’know, I managed to go through four years of high school without ever having to worry about any of those pesky prom dances.  It wasn’t so much that I didn’t have the opportunity to go; I didn’t want to go and instead spent those evenings focusing on other things.  Yet, now that my family’s become tied up with derby, I’ve just marked my visit to a second prom.

Yes, the past weekend found me heading out with the prettiest girl in the world on my arm, the lovely Coupon Clip-Her, bound for the Bradentucky Bombers’ annual prom.  Held at a local watering hole, the gathering was rockabilly themed, with all of the lovely ladies coming dressed in stunning pin-up and vintage fashions.  It really was a sight to see and is a fashion trend that needs to make a marked return as all of these ladies managed to take one’s breath away.
Of course, the rockabilly fashion for guys is just a bit more difficult to pull off, unless you have a leather jacket and hair that you can work into a pompadour.  I don’t so in terms of theme I may have failed but the guys represented nicely with Side of Bacon/Punchline rocking the classic greaser look and Ludi-Kris Speed just outshining us all as he matched his lovely wife.

And, all in all, it was a good time.  Food was eaten, awards were given, copious amounts of drinks were imbibed and dancing was prevalent. 
There was even a piƱata.

But it’s still a struggle for me to loosen up and to really let it go.  My self-conscious shyness, my social awkwardness, just seem to rear their heads at these things, forcing me to the back of the room and into the shadows, nursing my drink and checking my watch.  It’s not that it doesn’t look fun; it does!  It’s more that, for whatever reason, I just don’t know how to assert myself and join in.  But I’m learning and I’m hoping that more and more time spent with these folks will help me to unpack my insecurities and to really let the inner “me” shine, as stupid as that sounds.
Ah, I’m such a dork.  One day, I’ll learn.

But, aside from those little goofy things, from my little perch at the back, I was able to take in a number of highlights.  Such as:

-          Small Block taking pity on me in my shyness and giving me a pep talk, encouraging me in this crazy journey called derby.  Class guy and the pep talk was much appreciated.

-          In lieu of a microphone, Side of Bacon/Punchline having to shout his MC duties out to the crowd.  Never did get to talk to him after that; guessing he wasn’t able to do much talking after that!

-          Watching the dance floor get flooded with derby girls left and right as Psy’s hit, “Gangnam Style” hit the airwaves and got everybody’s toes tapping.

-          Seeing a well-deserved award go to Bust’N Leave-Her for “Most Improved Player” this year.  She’s a quality lady and this award was well-deserved.

-          Watching Spidey step up to the dance floor and rock it as “I Like Big Butts” began to play.  And rock it he did…

-          Laughing as Sgt. Airborne misunderstood Bacon’s shouting at him and he proceeded to the front, anticipating an award when he was only being told to be quiet.  Good times..

-          Witnessing once again super-photographer and friend of derby, Ken LeBleu, as he posed and pointed his camera tirelessly through the evening, capturing great moments and smiles throughout.  Seriously, if you haven’t seen his work, you need to check it out:
And there were more moments to be had throughout the evening, some no doubt far more exciting than what I’ve shared.  But I’m a simple guy and, watching from the back, that’s what stood out.  Hopefully next year I’ll be emboldened to step out of my little bubble a little bit more but until then, the ultimate highlight of the evening for me was after we had left the noise and the clamor behind us, my lovely wife and I snuggled up on a blanket in our backyard with a roaring bonfire before us.

That’s the perfect ending to a fun evening.  And she’s the only one I’m really worried about impressing anyway…
(At the risk of being annoying, I’m still imploring you to keep the Rescue Project Rainbow fundraiser in your thoughts; they need our help to help make Christmas great for these needy families.  Anything you can possibly give toward the cause would be greatly appreciated and put to great use.  Please try to take the time to donate and share the link to the fundraiser found here.  Thanks!)

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